Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 with two-edge display | GALAXY Note 5 Edge

The 2015 have just begun and the rumours regarding the next releases from Samsung are spreading in the market. Here we are talking about Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 or Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge, which is the upcoming second gadget in the new lineup Galaxy Note Edge.

In the last September 2014, Samsung brought us very creative device so called Galaxy Note Edge having a unique display. It has curve or bent in the right side of the display. The resolution of the display is high-end as it is 2K. Also there is another section (the bent) got resolution of 160 x 2560 pixels. And in the rumoured Galaxy Note Edge 2  or Galaxy Note 5 Edge, we might see the two curves, one bent on the right and one on the left.

Galaxy Note Edge 2

The Evolution

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge or Note 4 Edge is just a beginning of the new world of smartphone. In past two years, we have seen few curved display smartphone from Samsung and LG. But it was not successful and now the new Galaxy Note Edge is taking another turn in the market and other manufacturers are also thinking to launch such possibility. And we have good news that in 2015 we would see the Galaxy Note Edge 2 (Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge)

If we talk about the sales of the new device, then Samsung has pretty good stats, however this new device is not as popular as Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but it is not that limited. People have accepted the new gadget and sales are crazy, however the price of new Galaxy Note Edge is higher than that of Note 4, so that might also be the reason for not much sales.

And here Samsung Note Edge 2 or Samsung Note 5 Edge is taking birth in the secret mines of Samsung Korea. The exact shape of the device is still unknown but on the web the concepts are rolling out.

Galaxy Note Edge 2 concept

Galaxy Note Edge 2 Release Date (Galaxy Note 5 Edge release date)

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is one of the best smartphone available in the market. And the debut of Galaxy Note Edge series began in 2014 September and at present we have only gadget in the series and hope to see next one very soon.

  • Galaxy Note Edge released September 2014
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 release date – early 3rd quarter of 2015
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge release date?? Would it be called Note Edge 2 or Note 5 Edge?

Samsung has planned lots of surprises in 2015 and yet to discover. Soon, we would have Galaxy S6 to define the latest high standard. And later, our Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 release date / Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge, might announce. But at present these are just rumours, nothing is confirmed from the Samsung and we can hope for a good device with really good specifications.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Specifications and Features

In the past years the performance of Samsung in the era of smartphones is outstanding and Samsung is keeping its track safe and experimental. With the launch of big display Galaxy Note Edge first generation, Samsung proved its creativity and other manufactures has just following its path and now the phablet terms in its existence because of Galaxy Note series and may be people would be giving new name to the curved display phablet very soon. The release of Galaxy Note Edge is not near but the expected specifications can be compared to the rumoured Galaxy Note 5 specifications. However, we would definitely see some special two-edge display in the section of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge Specifications.

At the launching time of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the new display smartphone from Samsung was sounding as an innovation and creative technology result but it would be that practical useful was only discovered after its launch. The curved area offers extra area of notifications and where you could add useful apps and things. Soon, we would have third party apps especially for the new area in the display, and sadly you would not able to install that in any other smartphone of the market.

According to rumours, we would have 4K-resolution display in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge, with two bents on right and left, so we would have two special areas to add our favourite apps and receive notification. Two small windows on the right and left of the device and multi-window in the middle, would not be great? It’s not a question but it is an answer itself.

  • Snapdragon 82X chipset with quad-core 3.X+ GHz / 16-Core big.LITTLE Exynos 7X chipset processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4K resolution two-edge display
  • Touch ID and Retina Scanner
  • Slimmer design
  • 27MP Camera Sensor (Main plus Front – with the Rotary system)

Galaxy Note Edge

The Galaxy Note Edge 2 specifications not only limited as mentioned above, there is lot more to come and discover with the time.

The Completion

There was a time, when it was never early to discuss about an iPhone coming next year and now similar is going with the gadgets of Samsung and no doubt, people are crazy about Samsung smartphones not because of it is now a big brand but also because of their innovation and new features. Samsung fans like me are expecting a good design; waterproof, shockproof and dustproof characteristics and it should run faster than my present laptop. We would be discovering more about the Galaxy Note Edge 2 Concept images and lots more, you just stay tuned with us, we would update you shortly for the new device code name Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge updates. Well, it is 2018, and now it is time to look at the upcoming beasts such as Galaxy S9, iPhone X 2018 and Google Pixel 3, we are sure this year there will be a lot new to the world.

64 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 with two-edge display | GALAXY Note 5 Edge

  1. I purchased my Hi-end SG Note Edge and they will bring it to me (in Bulgaria) today or tomorrow. The strange fact is that I already think about next SG Note Edge generation, and just because of that reason I’ll keep your site close to my eyes ;)

  2. Oh I can’t wait. I liked the looks of the Note Edge but the Note Edge 2 looks even more amazing. I have Samsung Galaxy S5 due for a trade in with Verizon Edge Program.

    1. Well, they DIDN’T release a Note 5 Edge, just a Note 5 & an Edge.. (6 edge +) I am very disappointed there was not a Note Edge option! I love the looks of the 6 edge+, but need the functionality of the Note!!!!

  3. Please let me know when the note 5 edge is to be released. ..and any specs that might come out before it’s release. ..thank you…can’t wait…samsung is the best period!!!

  4. I don’t think it would be called ” note edge two”… Caz the notes are entirely different phones from just regular galaxy phones xD

  5. The launching of new products by Samsung is so fast. Super anxious to know the exact date of release because i lost my belived Note Edge. It’s so useful, much better than Note 4. Please keep me updated. Thank you.

  6. The launching of new products by Samsung is so fast. Super anxious to know the exact date of release because i lost my belived Note Edge. It’s so useful, much better than Note 4. Please keep me updated. Thank you.

  7. It will be awesome to have edge curve on side on Galaxy Note5.
    Please send me Arrival Dates and Price when its Launch in United States Of America.

  8. Hi. Im not liking the note 5 features. Its Sept 2015 & it already came out. I understand it has no way to add an external memory card nor has a battery that can be switched. It has no edge. It is Not waterproof. & it lost the leather back the nite 3 & note 4 had. & i loved that leather back. Im waiting on the note edge 2 or note 5 edge.whichever its called. I wonder if they will make it? If this note edge 2 has all my features that note 5 lost then i will purchase . But if not then I’m going with iphone6+ … does anyone know when release date is? It says 3rd quarter . October ?

  9. I am waiting for thelaunch date of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2… I am using Edge.. And will like to update to next., please share some pics and design theme and updates if possible. ALSO COOMUNICATE THE TENTATIVE DATE… THANKS

  10. Hello,
    I am a Note Edge user and I am most defiantly interested in gaining information about the NEW NOTE EDGE 2. Please be so kind as to keep new up to date on all information available . I am saving my pennies although I unferstand it will be more expensive than my present Note Edge I still want to purchase it.
    Thank you kindly.
    Frederic Squirex

  11. I’ve been waiting on the arrival of this pablet for quite some time now. Will the size be larger than the iPhone. The larger screen is desired now. Actual date release and price info is requested. Thanks for your help.
    Sincerely appreciate,
    Samsung loyal customer

  12. I have the Note 4 edge and love it. I was wondering if the Note 5 will have an edge just like the Note 4. The two bent edges I don’t like. It is not the same as the Note 4 edge!

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